How to manage a team of less than 10 people

Teams with 10 or fewer people generally do not require a management system:
After all, this time, live, is the most important now.
Also do not suggest to refer to the management of any large companies, in the end, you will find that will only harm you.
If you can, I suggest that you can work with them, so that not only does not have a sense of distance, but also can better allow new people to integrate.
The most important thing you will find, work together, work hard together day, always so beautiful.
Maybe in time, this may be the day you miss the most.

How Teams Under 10 Manage the IT Workplace Chapter 1
Do not suggest, open an independent big office oneself at the beginning, familiar with the feeling that makes bully president.
Of course I’m talking about startups, if you have a very sophisticated system.
And the need for high-end customer reception, profit point is very clear, this can be ignored.
Why don’t you start with a big office?
Although there may be only one wall, this time the staff will feel far away from you.
Far away from you, the heart is far away, the heart is far away, performance is far away.
After the performance, the company wants to develop better, I think it is even more difficult.

How Teams Under 10 Manage the IT Workplace Chapter 2
All you need to do is learn how to share your money. Basically, you won’t have any problems.
Be sure to learn to work more, do not eat from the same pot, whether you are a start-up, or a mature company, this is taboo.
The reason why it is recommended to share the money in place, after all, small team, you do not have a large company’s future.
There is no advantage of big companies, and money may be your only advantage.
But the author, also suggested that this time, must learn to slowly find belong to your swift horse, become the company’s future development of the pillars.
How Teams Under 10 Manage the IT Workplace Chapter 3
How to find their own “swift horse”?

Have a good character, will bring better development to the company.
Why not put ability in the first place, because character is greater than ability, your ability again good.
I believe that sooner or later it will bring trouble to the company.
This point, the author, is a first-hand experience, but also suggest a certain ability to express interest in management, identify with the development of the company.
That way, you can cultivate them easily, and you can train them to prepare the company for the next step.
Each company’s attributes are different, management is different, we have to learn to find their own company’s management model.